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Battle Tactics in Napoleon

A video about Napoleon's tactics in the film 'Napoleon'

by Ridley Scott, hosted by historian expert Jonathon Riley

Produced by WIRED

Directed by Anna O'Donohue

Sound Recordist

BBC micro:bit

Youtuber @FalseSymmetry & De-Graft unbox the BBC:micro bit

Produced by Objekt

Directed by Alex Thompson

Sound Recordist



Watch Now


A series of videos for Nowness, with artists Wayne McGregor and Jonathan Anderson

Produced by Agile Films

Directed by Emile Rafael

Sound Recordist


A TV & Online commercial for the toys brand Yoto

Produced by Objekt

Directed by Josh Lawson & Dan Vallint-Riggs 

Sound Recordist

Arsenal Forever

A Thank You video from Arsenal to its supporters

Produced by 180 Productions

Directed by William Miller

Sound Recordist

The Oreo Big Dunk

Promotional video for Oreo and Xbox

Produced by re:production

Sound Recordist